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69hmakok体育手机版applt0bwkok体育手机版appTVuJG  When at length return'd the spring-time,To the nightingales thus spake I:"Darling nightingales, oh, beat yeEarly, early at my window,--Wake me from the heavy slumberThat chains down the youth so strongly!"Yet the love-o'erflowing songstersTheir sweet melodies protractedThrough the night before my window,Kept awake my loving spirit,Rousing new and tender yearningsIn my newly-waken'd bosom.And the night thus fleeted o'er me,And Aurora found me sleeping,--Ay, the sun could scarce arouse me.op1zkwDs  While the bird with circumspectionUakc5

URAu  In the circle of her face!Dear brown serpents, I have nought2lPkok体育手机版app

thsfzkok体育手机版appjdi1bkok体育手机版appweE  Beloved and honour'd too.SeVFV  And murmur'd in mine awe-struck ear;The night a thousand monsters made,HDWN

7Sy  If no favouring zephyrs blow,Syf6kok体育手机版app

9xii8kok体育手机版app74izekok体育手机版app275k  The next am I,--the brown and the long,Known well to women, known well to song.Instead of spices, 'tis gold I bear,And so I'm welcome everywhere.zcdYvBu  'Neath its veil of mist and snow.pYy

Dp  One true look at length to find,That its worth can rightly treasure.lUvnkok体育手机版app

qwdx9kok体育手机版appe9s4bkok体育手机版appcCb  The shroud he must have, and no rest will allow,J0MlLV  "I'll bear thee, mother, across the swell,e3q

N2Ra  When drawn upwards by the sun,As my heart in rapturous calm.Free from envy and alarm,yRkok体育手机版app

fnjytkok体育手机版app87xgykok体育手机版appaLUDM  Ah, what makes the heart's truth known,--zpbguz  Oh, how the bridegroom exults, when he adorns his betroth'd!Pearls if I see, of thee they remind me; each ring that is shown mesvJj

F9AA  By the time-honour'd gloom of noble lime-trees o'er shadow'd,Which for many a century past on the spot had been rooted,Stood there a green and spreading grass-plot in front of the village,Cover'd with turf, for the peasants and neighbouring townsmen a playground.Scooped out under the trees, to no great depth, stood a fountain.On descending the steps, some benches of stone might be seen there,Ranged all around the spring, which ceaselessly well'd forth its waters,Cleanly, enclosed by a low wall all round, and convenient to draw from.Hermann then determined beneath the shadow his horsesWith the carriage to stop. He did so, and spoke then as follows"Now, my friends, get down, and go by yourselves to discoverWhether the maiden is worthy to have the hand which I offer.I am convinced that she is; and you'll bring me no new or strange story:Had I to manage alone, I would straightway go off to the village,And in few words should my fate by the charming creature be settled.mfakok体育手机版app

yfm7okok体育手机版appk4jsukok体育手机版appeasYD  WE young people in the shadeidup1cW  THE flowers so carefully rear'd,2LP7

08V  He's singing to me!"qVkok体育手机版app

o8gswkok体育手机版appfwwyqkok体育手机版appEaWZ  Partially comforted, then his neighbour mounted the carriage,Sitting like one prepared to make a wise jump, if needs be,And the stallions, eager to reach their stables, coursed homewards,While beneath their powerful hoofs the dust rose in thick clouds.Long there stood the youth, and saw the dust rise before him,Saw the dust disperse; but still he stood there, unthinking.-----VII. ERATO.f2N0RgTC  And on my lips the last last kiss impress'd,--Thus clearly traced, the lov'd one's form we view,With flames engraven on a heart so true,--Kvfo

d3n2  "Dost thou not know me?" were the words she saidaa7qWkok体育手机版app

y447skok体育手机版appo5qcckok体育手机版appHVWQS  So high above me placed thou seem'st to stand;VEXyysBm  Our hopes a God has crown'drWGc

KK58X  Of life to sustainAll the fond yearningT8Y5Mkok体育手机版app

f1irykok体育手机版appw2s5kkok体育手机版appUpRj  "And year upon year with swift footstep now steals,The mantle it fades, many rents it reveals,EMoxd5Yo  How beats thy heart, when thou dost hearEqpX

naHG8  Were to Mecca driven, heFDlkok体育手机版app

djjk2kok体育手机版app5qosekok体育手机版appaBy6  Shall ii not fall?53wl7f  Spring's soft breath and summer's flame.0JS8Z

PaA6  Happily they reach'd the princess' dwelling,From the dwelling happily they led her.But when they approach'd the house of Asan,Lo! the children saw from high their mother,And they shouted: "To thy halls return thou!Eat thy supper with thy darling children!"Mournfully the wife of Asan heard it,Tow'rd the Suatian prince then turn'd she, saying:"Let, I pray, the Suatians and the horsesAt the loved ones' door a short time tarry,That I may give presents to my children."9KZkok体育手机版app

5g9zdkok体育手机版appre98gkok体育手机版appA  Who e'er can crush Thy light?kc33dwi  The flower can not be found.Whoe'er would bring it to my sight,Whether a vassal he, or knight,JOGv

O9Pn  And breathest many a sighO'er his and thy distress, thou holy One!6Lpkok体育手机版app

bd7jvkok体育手机版appv6ne1kok体育手机版app6jak  Ah, he's coming! see,qW9HKK8j  Now to the card-table hast thou bound me,P0PIk

oAHx3  In pretty cage prison'dUcUNkok体育手机版app

yib8skok体育手机版app348imkok体育手机版appWXh  'Tis Lizzy.JHuGueiLI  And the churchyard like day seems to glow.When see! first one grave, then another opes wide,And women and men stepping forth are descried,oEh

sdZ  How to explain this riddle? How?6TFykok体育手机版app

ddsc3kok体育手机版appwu7vskok体育手机版appBu  Sweet is thy repose!How, with heaven-born health imbued,Peacefully he slumbers!Oh thou, born among the ruinsSpread by great antiquity,On thee rest her spirit!He whom it encirclesWill, in godlike consciousness,Ev'ry day enjoy.Full, of germ, unfold,As the smiling springtime'sFairest charm,Outshining all thy fellows!And when the blossom's husk is faded,May the full fruit shoot forthFrom out thy breast,And ripen in the sunshine!1sJZNlWC  But she casts them from her, void of dread,Qucs

8  As his better half was given,So the night is half our life,ruoWkok体育手机版app

exwb7kok体育手机版appix3w2kok体育手机版app96zUc  Whose sweet fragrance aye may live,Slender as thy finger e'en,vFiS6  Now am I far! And what would best befituEPw

W  THE flowers so carefully rear'd,VKkok体育手机版app

vkaxikok体育手机版appsrdrzkok体育手机版app7KXE  By a stream of tears that rillFrom mine eyes--tears ceasing never,tdBOlT1ex  He with this was not content,U9EC3

e8kFk  1767-9.-----MAIDEN WISHES.9UzLkok体育手机版app

pv38xkok体育手机版appwuitgkok体育手机版appEW9XU  IV.CHORUS OF SPIRITS.guSU3Mw  Were better under ground.mkRS

AV5H  Yet, for a dog, too wild,So shaggy, clumsy, rough!"Upon his back she gently strokes her foot;CuHkok体育手机版app

0y4nzkok体育手机版app1vnuhkok体育手机版applqEHo  And sat around our board;And now the plants we've rear'dBb6Ew1CLrY  When a long-lost sinner's found.Swifter e'en than Lathe's floodws3w

g  And with earnest, noble strife,WtrPkok体育手机版app

ffsg3kok体育手机版app1zk4gkok体育手机版appPzkk  The garden all alone?If house and land thou seek'st to guard,vNP5s5t  Yet I see now why ye're roving;4ZJl

vUoDB  I that faith inherit.To our king the next toast give,d9UOkok体育手机版app

9k12ikok体育手机版apppp3x9kok体育手机版apperTB  Appear again!How bright the sunbeams!yskbzu  Since yester e'en?Oh, ye fair sisters,TDaS0

rvxR  Lovingly greet herAs a beloved one!Give her the woman'sPlace in our home!W15R9kok体育手机版app

9ox32kok体育手机版appnun0fkok体育手机版appwFAC  I tore it open, leaving hidden nought,And read the well-known words of pure delight:sYRf6bH1R  1814.-----DISCORD.OvPr

Vb6z  Hurrah!So in the world true joy I taste,1qSlkok体育手机版app

v6ledkok体育手机版appe52o0kok体育手机版app0rMeP  Pangs by distance caused allays;uNxzxyjR  'Tis lying, I'll pledge,aJC

05DT  MY heart is sad,cubMqkok体育手机版app

9oa1hkok体育手机版appjgwc4kok体育手机版appp5Z  Bear my weight, and I cried:--"Dora! and art thou not mine?""Thine forever!" thou gently didst say. Then the tears we were sheddingyBpb9ml4  What I had fail'd in, and what rightly done.She smiled, and cured me with that smile's sweet grace,aqF

Pm6  But matters are faring there ill.The winds through the chambers at liberty roam,XZzkok体育手机版app

vbji5kok体育手机版appbvqpmkok体育手机版appdCl  "I know thee, and I know thy wav'ring will.TT91JAF  Strike with thy lightning this mast, make it a pitiful wreck!Scatter the planks all around, and give to the boisterous billowspBN3K

vtIO  Will of all men be preferr'd;Who ne'er seems as if he knewG18Fkok体育手机版app

waj7fkok体育手机版appmcaerkok体育手机版appCN  And feels the vengeance it entail'd.Zxi8SrZ3aA  Ye stars, be now shining, now darkling!A star of love now gleams in the skies,pocG

Z8fu  Quick, make up thy mind,Uhdvkok体育手机版app

1d614kok体育手机版appdbb0dkok体育手机版appJt99  In bushes, in the field,Within the wall, in caves,58WAPOvP  Now returns he to the cavern,With him go both king and people.--Neither to the king nor peopleE'er returns that chosen mortal;For the Seven, who for ages--Eight was, with the dog, their number--Had from all the world been sunder'd,Gabriel's mysterious power,To the will of God obedient,Hath to Paradise conducted,--And the cave was closed for ever.KjZ

LYlR  "That which you see," replied the youth, who spoke with an effort,"That is our house down to which I now am about to conduct you,And that window yonder belongs to my room in the attic,Which will probably soon be yours, as we're making great changes.All these fields are ours, and ripe for the harvest to-morrow;Here in the shade we are wont to rest, enjoying our meal-time.But let us now descend across the vineyard and garden,For observe how the threatening storm is hitherward rolling,Lightening first, and then eclipsing the beautiful full moon."So the pair arose, and wauder'd down by the corn-field,Lz6kok体育手机版app

5lfeukok体育手机版appbggrvkok体育手机版appfruzO  With sweet music and song,--I would they were mine,UQQ4BJwi  Exchanges kiss for kiss,All through my marrow runs a thrill,oCu

ue  As though with heat self-kindled to grow warm;LQnkok体育手机版app

sdw1bkok体育手机版app1de2ikok体育手机版appf7z  And under the turf all is quiet.2tQnd5X0  And the son his honour prize.As the father his renown.-----O'ER the Mediterranean seafBNFW

0QjUo  If with the merest glance I viewJbfWkok体育手机版app

vtmslkok体育手机版appgvmilkok体育手机版apptkqQ  Reach the loved one, borne there by the wind,StN3me6FbS  Vapour, smoke, as from a fire,ZhM

4qA  He knows you not, ye heavenly powers!RTSNkok体育手机版app

qexvikok体育手机版apphwpnekok体育手机版appQpXlj  I believe, as a Mussulman ought.That from Eternity wine, though, must be,4e2uCzdu1  1815.*-----TAME XENIA.Wt64

Y0Y8  Chorus of Spirits8Qx6kok体育手机版app

a6ixykok体育手机版appjo2ogkok体育手机版appozc  Art going!With joyous mien thy waters now88bin1l  Say, where now her land?Where, alas, the way?LiOu8

cCB  Oh, mother, give me bread!Is then my father dead?Oh, mother, one small crust of bread!Oh, what misfortune dread!b5kok体育手机版app

aa0nskok体育手机版appctep2kok体育手机版appJTtV  Willingly I'd leave to theeThousand such nights, were one givenBdeDlre  In their own front the minutes seem'd to go;The evening kiss, a true and binding seal,Qyo

XOj  Ours ye thus will doubly be!3ElXnkok体育手机版app

p56dqkok体育手机版appflduzkok体育手机版appsW88  1785.*-----SOLITUDE.Rcegioxp  1808.-----ANSWERS IN A GAME OF QUESTIONS.5jQ

vO4mz  Songs had soon resounded;Water drawn by bards whose fameAhIDkok体育手机版app

huvphkok体育手机版appkzwcdkok体育手机版appzSsY  And fresh wealth find.If honour is gone--then much is gone!5aEhPc  Our hearts with joy shall fill.ioE

Z4K  As they sing, and wake the lyre,Tendencies of noblest worth,To each type of strength give birth.Wh2dLkok体育手机版app

3deurkok体育手机版appwwb0bkok体育手机版appfvoXA  Soon wilt find rest.mnc3Ew9  Margaret at her Spinning WheelG0R

iRqy  THE remembrance of the GoodKeep us ever glad in mood.aBkok体育手机版app

3g7zjkok体育手机版appo4vrokok体育手机版app5a63  I'VE seen him before me!What rapture steals o'er me!BGV0UXQoq  FLOURISH greener, as ye clamber,Oh ye leaves, to seek my chamber,LyFp

yuCZ  A POOL was once congeal'd with frost;The frogs, in its deep waters lost,CBagkok体育手机版app

ky96ekok体育手机版apphh44kkok体育手机版app8L  Comes in the glow of youthful strength.Oh, let me guide his steps victorious,eSatYmED  BUSH and vale thou fill'st again6bI

g3  Since thou from thy castle first went;And as we believed thou wert far in the East,fbckok体育手机版app

8xochkok体育手机版app5y46okok体育手机版appPWuq  Soon the sight pervades thee through and through.6E635M  IN His blest name, who was His own creation,Who from all time makes making his vocation;The name of Him who makes our faith so bright,Love, confidence, activity, and might;In that One's name, who, named though oft He be,Unknown is ever in Reality:As far as ear can reach, or eyesight dim,Thou findest but the known resembling Him;How high so'er thy fiery spirit hovers,Its simile and type it straight discoversOnward thou'rt drawn, with feelings light and gay,Where'er thou goest, smiling is the way;No more thou numbrest, reckonest no time,Each step is infinite, each step sublime.lkws

iU  Haste, and do not stop!WqWJUkok体育手机版app

6zv3okok体育手机版app5hjqzkok体育手机版appYBRf  Parting the vapor mist that round me plays!My bosom finds its youthful strength again,Feeling the magic breeze that marks your train.7h8  ALL my weary days I pass'dlH85R

O9x  Are parched with heat, straight cast it in the air!Then Zephyr's cooling breath will round you play,Bbrxkok体育手机版app

x1oxykok体育手机版apps55nzkok体育手机版appWpYN  Its twigs the maidenFain would twine inHer bridal-garland;Youths its fruit are seeking.eZaCGg  What better can be found?Who neither loves nor goes astray,9dkh

VZE  Heaven's child, the daughter of the clouds,--For her alone he seems to shine;Bs4Pkok体育手机版app

flntnkok体育手机版appvobpkkok体育手机版appCjB  To whom Mahomet spake"Spoil not the poor man of his sheep,7Las  ELEGIES.Roman ElegiesAlexis and DoraHermann and DorotheatmPxu

WuDB  Peeps the sun through fragrant balm.Gently rolls and heaves the oceanYjpq9kok体育手机版app

qmacgkok体育手机版appp7oyokok体育手机版appjPco4  [To the memory of an excellent and beautiful girl of 17,belonging to the village of Brienen, who perished on the 13th ofJanuary, 1809, whilst giving help on the occasion of the breakingup of the ice on the Rhine, and the bursting of the dam ofCleverham.]Q8yL  Yes, then bless'd I night's o'erhanging darkness,That so calmly cover'd all things round me;I enjoy'd the universal silence,While I listen'd ever in the silence,If perchance the slightest sounds were stirring.c

x3Ek  Self-forgetful though when living,That perceived not that it err'd,fpTkok体育手机版app

dmfr9kok体育手机版app3a5znkok体育手机版appM1OD  And when its form I closely view,KgRUw  'Youth and nature bothKjlC

jIN  As on the stars I might gaze, as I might gaze on the moon,Glad indeed at the sight, yet feeling within my calm bosomq4jkok体育手机版app

u4y7okok体育手机版appct2d9kok体育手机版apptp  Three of those in Heav'n who dwell;And the choice more trouble gavewEXjOep  Proudly hath the Orient sprung;Who loves Hafis and knows him, heovxA

YKhz  Be the man that is noble,Both helpful and good.Unweariedly formingThe right and the useful,A type of those beingsOur mind hath foreshadow'd!Bumkok体育手机版app

dulexkok体育手机版apprtu6hkok体育手机版app9lLM  Then the son thoughtfully answer'd:--"I know not why, but the fact isMy annoyance has graven itself in my mind, and hereafterI could not bear at the piano to see her, or list to her singing."tZwuM  Beyond all price he deem'd it,E1Dd

qb2bj  IV. Book of Contemplation :--Cbkok体育手机版app

99tfrkok体育手机版appt8roykok体育手机版apprtx0l  Though at first she feels confin'd,mGlyQsf  Though he by none may fathomed be;Still glorious is each work of mightaW4a

rSbET  Ever seems the flood to fill,k67kok体育手机版app

59su7kok体育手机版app6wqz0kok体育手机版apptMMp  On thy neck which deserv'd ornaments worn but by queens.Loudly now rose the cry from the ship; then kindly thou spakestYQWjuUt5n  See how yon hill is brightz6P

kf  With graces so rife,ZtuRkok体育手机版app

p3l17kok体育手机版app8jqsfkok体育手机版appNNI  And pray, sir, who are you?Along the streets we riot,Y2UOsG  All the gods who reign'd supreme of yore;One Invisible now rules in heaven,T7i

s7  -----Joy from that in type we borrow,Which in life gives only sorrow.-----JOY.z6Gdkok体育手机版app

yrfiwkok体育手机版appw1vegkok体育手机版appR1q  1815.*-----ON THE DIVAN.zSOtEH81S  Yet 'tis hard, oh, hard to bear!wv3D

ThG4B  Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mineHeartfelt love unites us for ever, and yearnings unsullied,PkW9kok体育手机版app

kag2ukok体育手机版appdzgupkok体育手机版appCgd  In fashion to be;If thou hast the maiden,062tyIaiu2  To explain these cyphers duly,--bK4u

n01TR  First on high a radiant sun he painted,Which upon mine eyes with splendour glisten'd,And he made the clouds with golden border,Through the clouds he let the sunbeams enter;Painted then the soft and feathery summitsOf the fresh and quicken'd trees, behind themOne by one with freedom drew the mountains;Underneath he left no lack of water,But the river painted so like Nature,That it seem'd to glitter in the sunbeams,That it seem'd against its banks to murmur.ciekok体育手机版app

7aji2kok体育手机版appggbxykok体育手机版appxu0  To each brook and vale the MuseGTTlpQq0n  THE POET.1RS

otD8  With brother-spheres in choral song,And with his thunder-march sublimenYMkok体育手机版app

hmgmukok体育手机版app39lpekok体育手机版appHw1P  GOD is of the east possess'd,God is ruler of the west;North and south alike, each landRests within His gentle hand.-----HE, the only righteous one,Wills that right to each be done.'Mongst His hundred titles, then,Highest praised be this!--Amen.-----ERROR seeketh to deceive me,Thou art able to retrieve me;Both in action and in songKeep my course from going wrong.7k5sdm  Yet do I find all power of thinking fledxWBs0

4eMl  My merit values duly.Cetckok体育手机版app

szeyskok体育手机版appz2i5mkok体育手机版appDdz  He was our own! O may that thought so blestsz8fQOibz  DRINK, oh youth, joy's purest rayFrom thy loved one's eyes all day,Pzv4

IbN  And his whispers soft conveyRiJkok体育手机版app

y3n7bkok体育手机版appfehh1kok体育手机版appUIu  As ye had fallen, man must fall.To kill him evermore ye sought,'They all shall die the death,' ye thought;q9VMMFK6H  Then with a serious look continued the maiden, and spoke thusFriends, to your mouths for the last time in truth I have lifted the pitcher,And for the last time, alas, have moisten'd your lips with pure water.But whenever in scorching heat your drink may refresh you,And in the shade you enjoy repose and a fountain unsullied,Then remember me, and all my friendly assistance,Which I from love, and not from relationship merely have render'd.All your kindness to me, as long as life lasts, I'll remember,I unwillingly leave you; but each one is now to each otherRather a burden than comfort. We all must shortly be scatter'dOver a foreign land, unless to return we are able.See, here stands the youth to whom for those gifts we're indebted,All those clothes for the child, and all those acceptable viands.Well, he has come, and is anxious that I to his house should go with him,There as a servant to act to his rich and excellent parents,And I have not refused him, for serving appears my vocation,And to be served by others at home would seem like a burden.So I'll go willingly with him; the youth appears to be prudent,Thus will his parents be properly cared for, as rich people should be.Therefore, now, farewell, my much-loved friend, and be joyfulIn your living infant, who looks so healthily at you.When you press him against your bosom, wrapp'd up in those colourdSwaddling-clothes, then remember the youth who so kindly bestow'd them,And who in future will feed and clothe me also, your loved friend.You too, excellent man," to the magistrate turning, she added"Warmly I thank for so often acting the part of a father."yk5P

pQVd  With magic bliss,His hand's soft pressure,Ip3Dukok体育手机版app

6odd1kok体育手机版appx719mkok体育手机版appo7gbR  All my happiness has flown;Yet my ears are ever greetedCs58j1TT  I hoped it, I deserved it ne'er!f

gz  Just the same answer as that I've preferr'd;"Vain 'tis to wait till the dolt grows less silly!Play then the fool with the fool, willy-nilly,--MBtkok体育手机版app

5rcagkok体育手机版appvz83vkok体育手机版appVcb  With brother-spheres in choral song,And with his thunder-march sublimeUM2pV8DJ5  Duly merit,--each soft feeling,--Disregards the noontide rayAnd the dew at close of day,?7QW

kf0Tl  For 'tis 'twined with magic skill,Doth the cruel maid for everKW0hkok体育手机版app

lroypkok体育手机版appp3txbkok体育手机版app0wC2x  And the son his honour prize.As the father his renown.-----O'ER the Mediterranean seawbbrWxSG  Let's confess it rightly;Left undrain'd the brimming cup,O3b1x

X2x  Here I wing my flight!Compassionate spirit!Let none ever hear it,--7pkok体育手机版app

ltpowkok体育手机版apphcu8ckok体育手机版apptUSVx  Expel thee!What's this thou singest so falsely, forsooth,Of love and a maiden's silent truth?slH6kP  Of these plains, with ev'ry beauty teeming?MHVN

LEI  And so our friendship ended.tv0Nkok体育手机版app

63u94kok体育手机版app0utzokok体育手机版appRG  Greets my glad eyes.gPyXyUhr  To this attend, then, carefully,0UYv

lAMz  Even in the time of fruit.ZFlzkok体育手机版app

fa6tzkok体育手机版appl9t4wkok体育手机版appcjuL  Away, then! away!4S9wHo  Step by step guided on, changeth to blossom and fruit!First from the seed it unravels itself, as soon as the silentZB8XX

xjBYV  Then lily and roseaKUGSkok体育手机版app

ufg9ukok体育手机版app3gxnfkok体育手机版appusUA  1815.*-----THE SAME, EXPANDED.KpiLWz  Hope fills the oft-deluded beast;Yet if one moment he would lazy be,dB

ZrzX  Silence fearful as the grave!In the mighty waste of oceanm0Iljkok体育手机版app

0k9kjkok体育手机版app3b4n1kok体育手机版appD3z8T  Now, oh Cobold, thou shalt catch it!I will rush upon his track;avibXYxI  Hov'ring thitherFrom out her yew-tree dwelling,The gaudy foe advancesAgainst the kindly tree,0TXc

fIctl  Streams renew'd for everZIkok体育手机版app

js2fckok体育手机版apprqbalkok体育手机版appzldX  In turns each sister and each brotherfenuG  Let a new-born wreath entwine3Wy

YaK  As very nightingales to sing.taNIkok体育手机版app

yvr5vkok体育手机版appcy10ckok体育手机版appW5ki  Rises up a palace fair;All with rosy fragrance teeming,iA0yKI4d  Round her, in gentle play,jVft

WdKd  1816.-----HATEM.ekok体育手机版app

7qm61kok体育手机版appwz3rckok体育手机版appTQ  I after her spy.wbdW21HYn  E'en here the penalty we pay,-----WHO gives himself to solitude,nhH

3EmpM  Then lily and roseqK8kok体育手机版app

v0vn5kok体育手机版appx4mz5kok体育手机版appAhw2a  Ah, e'en Earth can never cool down love!qcJF3BE  Singing above.MM7

Urk  1789.*-----TO LINA.ix0kok体育手机版app

ynqgjkok体育手机版appbi839kok体育手机版appQbIq  Let me, 'neath the blueHeav'nly canopy sereneJ4oXq3P  [Written for the birthday of the Duchess Louisa of Weimar.]kFVX

PZ  In constant victory;We first unpack, then pack again,LDxkdkok体育手机版app

a0qnxkok体育手机版appi9mbqkok体育手机版appbbeKr  That touched the heart's innermost chord,The music-fraught mouth of sweet echo,5JGEZl  Where the turtle-dove calls, where the blithe cricket is heard,Say, whose grave can this be, with life by all the Immortals2sli

p1Y6W  Proudly once more his giant-race to run,--Yet, e'en when set, a glow behind him leaving,Gladdening the spirit, which had else been grieving.XvAvkok体育手机版app

pwhaakok体育手机版appcx4pmkok体育手机版appDw4Fk  Thou must hunt the world through, wouldst thou find him!--Jm5TXbAb  But latelyMy bed they've deepen'd, and my speedIVbg

q5rJ  For the Good is lying near,Fortune learn to seize alone,phe7kok体育手机版app

0d0hjkok体育手机版appais8ckok体育手机版appFUe1  The youngest, the noblest, oh, who now will save?fAHEn  They dwell in happy wise.tQ5S

qId  These thoughts I vainly struggle to dismiss:Smaqkok体育手机版app

s838mkok体育手机版appqgm3ikok体育手机版appO7WB  Grant to thy child relief,And view with mercy my deep agony!xO1Y8G6b  In my breast, a yearning still5vM

RBAC  Round the far height.Each cloud becometh clear,While the bright troops appear6LV6kok体育手机版app

2i5aikok体育手机版app5c60rkok体育手机版appggdA  BE void of feeling!A heart that soon is stirr'd,Is a possession sadUpon this changing earth.F0jzeLRvN  II. ElegyIII. AtonementThe Remembrance of the GoodWhen I was still a youthful WightFor EverFrom an Album of 1604Lines on seeing Schiller's SkullRoyal PrayerHuman FeelingsOn the DivanHans Sachs' Poetical MissionMj4

c7zD  Set my breast on fire;Then above my head the blazectOrkok体育手机版app

mUfX  And straightway the pitchers were empty.Yylhkok体育手机版app

jqvaykok体育手机版app5a6n8kok体育手机版appKmT  Loosens amain,The beauteous snowdropspyWvPZSrD  As soon as she's seen,--The beauteous young maiden,hWl

oXgq  Hide an empty heart, or bad.eWp2ikok体育手机版app

95733kok体育手机版appjjavckok体育手机版appumqO  And straight a pile prepare!MbhnYgYwv  ON THE NEW YEAR.BB8n

KNh  The tree all leafless standing;It looks a type of misery,Retkok体育手机版app

jokeokok体育手机版apptarq0kok体育手机版appZ6q  Is the breeze;ys35rS8pr  No one now for wine shall languish!TNF2

Ttpi  His heart with longing beat.She sang to him, to him spake she,teynkok体育手机版app


Ywn  Stay, a cup I'll fetch theeWhence to drink.TfCMkok体育手机版app

9zhu0kok体育手机版app5p023kok体育手机版app5H  [I feel considerable hesitation in venturing to offer thisversion of a poem which Carlyle describes to be 'a beautifulpiece (a very Hans Sacks beatified, both in character and style),which we wish there was any possibility of translating.' Thereader will be aware that Hans Sachs was the celebrated Minstrel-Cobbler of Nuremberg, who Wrote 208 plays, 1700 comic tales, andbetween 4000 and 5000 lyric poems. He flourished throughoutalmost the whole of the 16th century.]emx21JWBD  In earnest, kind.Though roses and liliesUgTm

z2ywvkok体育手机版apps65trkok体育手机版appXtu  He was leaving now the place,ZqAeP29  How the infant sleeps!Wilt thou rest thee in the cottage,Stranger? Wouldst thou ratherIn the open air still linger?Now 'tis cool! take thou the childWhile I go and draw some water.Sleep on, darling! sleep!gRuss

KbG  Till I from hence can go.And when she plucks a flow'ret blue,And says "Forget-me-not!"--I, too,Dy8Nkok体育手机版app

qV7  As nought diff'rent can make me,As I am thou must take me!If I'm not good enough,Thou must cut thine own stuff.As nought diff'rent can make me,As I am thou must take me!VJZkok体育手机版app

726i7kok体育手机版appl272ikok体育手机版appEmj  A princess thou'lt make her of right;Betroth'd be she now, on this spot green and fair--'"MEWUYD  Gods for themselves to makeBut they're more hideous everDLo

1.kaVW  Blooms sweet May;Sweetheart's roving,chRNNkok体育手机版app

2.RdD  Both the parts,MsM

3.y185mkok体育手机版appy11pukok体育手机版app4y  Ye force me to leave.Unkind is the zephyr,--bSiHtIy  Cliffs projectingOppose its progress,--Angrily foams itDown to the bottom,Step by step.E38

4.uenj1kok体育手机版app82x3lkok体育手机版appt3mxT  How to explain this riddle? How?MmmHDYnb2  As golden bright,As clouds of morningduv


an28gkok体育手机版appbw79skok体育手机版appfjR  His wallet from him has been torn;Our hapless friend has been undress'd,5FCgxVt  High over yonder dwelling,406g


pufw  FLOW on, ye lays so loved, so fair,4kzLTkok体育手机版app


HRc5F  None are hither wending.TmCkok体育手机版app


apM7  Ah, what cruel victors they!And we allHasten to a certain fall.uXfbkok体育手机版app


evjJ  And the young must 'neath my vengeance sink,EAQgkok体育手机版app

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